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Class Rules


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Class Rules

  1. Be respectful: respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and school property.


  1. Be prepared: come to class prepared everyday; bring a pencil, paper, and your class folder.


  1. Minimize distractions: take responsibility for creating a positive learning environment for yourself and others; no electronic devices, passing notes, or unapproved reading material.


  1. Take initiative: do your assigned work first, then look for or ask for another productive activity.


  1. Be punctual: come to class on time and turn in your schoolwork on time.


  1. Have a seat: stay seated in your assigned seat during class unless otherwise instructed.


  1. Pick up trash: if  you see trash on the floor pick it up whether it is yours or not.


  1. Do not touch teacher’s desk or office: students are not allowed to be at teacher’s desk or in her office unless otherwise instructed.


  1. NO CELL PHONES: do not ask to use or be on your cell phone at anytime the answer will be NO. If there is a situation that you know you may be receiving a call tell me before class.


  1. DO NOT ENTER SHOP: do not enter or go into the shop at anytime or for any reason unless instructed to do so. If you need a drink from water fountain ask first.     


  1. Show your smile: having a positive attitude during class improves morale and allows for a Great Day! Leave any negative or bad comments at the door. I do not want to hear complaints, negative comments, or discussion about any matter or anyone unless it is positive.