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Garfield county remains orange so both A and B groups will attend all days. 


Cimarron families, 

In the special meeting of the Cimarron School board, the following Covid 19 transmission mitigation plan was created and adopted in a 4-1 split vote vote. This will take effect Monday, September 21, 2020.

Cimarron School Covid-19 Transmission Mitigation Protocol

1. Masks will be required to be worn by all students and staff when they are in common areas such as, but not limited to, busses, halls, cafeteria lines and restrooms. Masks will be required of all students and staff over fourth grade when the square footage of a non-ventilated space (a room with no outside air ventilation) does not allow for 113sq foot of personal space for every individual occupant. (The board will allow for conditions that permit 6 linear feet of distance between occupants as the outer edges of the chair grid require only a semi-circle rather than the full 6-foot radius circle).

2. Cimarron Schools will continue employment of the modified schedule of A/B rotation for any time the Oklahoma Health Department community transmission alert map indicates a level of community transmission that is red for students in fifth grade or higher. Transmission rates in the green, yellow or orange category will be used for traditional schedule

3. Temperature and symptom screening will continue at all points of entry including bus boarding as well as strongly encouraged to be performed at home every morning before coming to school. Those who are symptomatic should not return for a period of 14 days or they are confirmed by a healthcare provider to be of no threat to the general public whichever comes first.

4. We will continue disinfection protocols established prior to reopening the school as well as focusing on hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette (Wash your hands and cough into the inner elbow).

5. We are required by law to cooperate with any contact tracing and the board does recognize the authority of the health department in making those decisions.



Hotspots are available for those who do not have access to wi-fi.  Come to the school to pick one up if you do not have internet access.  These are restricted hotspots and can only be used to access educational sites.


September 24 is school picture day. All students will take an individual picture regardless of package purchase. In addition, Cimarron Fall Sports Team and Individual pictures will also be taken that day. JH/HS Baseball, JH/HS Softball, and Cross Country. Packets for both individual and sports will be sent home on September 21 when all students are at school.

Focused Photography has guidelines set and trained their employees for a zero contact picture day. The floor will be marked for social distancing and the photographers will be wearing masks. If you have any questions regarding picture day please contact Mrs. Bukacek at cbukacek@cimarron.k12.ok.us.




Copy of cimarron days celebration flyer 2020.pdf

Cimarron Days Car Show white 2020 (2).pdf






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Cimarron Family, If you are not signed up for regroup alert messenger (robo caller)  please email Mr.Anglin. canglin@cimarron.k12.ok.us

To contact Superintendent Mr. Anglin during this crisis he can be reached at canglin@cimarron.k12.ok.us


















Continued Wellness

Comments and suggestions by the public to improve our wellness policy are welcomed.

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Title 1

Cimarron Public School offers Title 1 additional instruction through a school-wide Title 1 program.  All students, Kindergarten through 8th grade, are provided additional services through an individual, independent study in the academic areas of reading, language arts, social studies, science, and math. This service is provided with the use of Advance Learning Software in the elementary computer lab. If you have any questions, please . . .

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Weather Info

KNID         K101          KFOR        KOCO      NEWS9        KOFM       KGWA    Dear Parents, This letter is to provide information to you in regards to school closing due to bad weather. If the . . .

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