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Lesson Plans 1-3-17 to 1-6-2017


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Math: Customary Units of Length

text pg. 479

Customary Units of Length

practice book 11-1

12-1 Metric Units of Measurement


text pgs 519 & 520

 Metric Units of Measurement - Practice book 12-1

Language Arts:  Nonfiction Articles

Intro Vocabulary

Grammar pg. 103-Subject/Object Pronouns

Spelling p. 105

Nonfiction Articles

pg. 452 "Getting the Vote"

Grammar pg. 104

Spelling pg. 106

Prefixes/Suffixes pg. 131

Grammar pg. 105


Spelling pretest

Homographs pg 132

AR test


Spelling Test


 Science: Chapter 11 - Weather & the Water Cycle


vocabulary pg. 330

The Uneven Heating of the Earth


Lab Manual 115

Lesson 1 - What Causes Weather?


The Atmosphere Insta Lab pg. 335

RS 68 & RS 69
  Social Studies: The Pilgrims & Native Americans Life At Plymouth Plantation The Massachusetts Bay Colony The Massachusetts Bay Colony