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Lesson Plans 9-19-16 thru 9-23-16


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Math:  3-6 Multiplying by 2 digit numbers

assign pg. 123 #6-30

Practice bk. pg. 3-6

Multiply by 2 digit numbers

3-7 pg. 126

Multiplication properties

assign pg. 128 #1-18

3-8 pg. 132 Extending Multiplication


Rounding/Estimating w/ Multiplication

6 week Comprehensive Review

Language Arts:  textbook pg. 134 "Doggone Work" - nonfiction works


Personal Narrative introduction

Writing  a personal narrative beginning draft

use of synonyms

Take AR tests

Editing - personal narrative drafts



Final draft of personal narrative


correcting run-on sentences and sentence fragments

Reading comprehension passages


grammar pg. 29

correcting run-on sentences and sentence fragments

Review chapter 6 Lesson1

Lesson 2 - "How Do Ecosystems change Over Time?"



Social Studies:

Native American scene construction

Lesson 2

Primary & Seconday Succession




Native American scene construction

RS pgs. 37 & 38

compare & contrast



Native American Economies


assign:  pgs. 16-17

Chapter 6 Lesson 3

"How Do People Affect Ecosystmes?"




Lesson 3

Native American Cultures


assign pgs. 19 & 21

Video - Earthworm Farm




Native American Governments

assign pg. 25