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December 4-8 .

Chapter 12 - DNA - Information and Heredity, Cellular Basis of Life

    Throughout the week, we will be learning about the discovery of the DNA molecule; the function of DNA; and how the molecule is replicated.

    Monday - Write a summary of Griffith's experiments in composition notebook.

    Tuesday - Draw a model of a segment of DNA and label the phosphate, deoxyribose, nitrogenous bases, nucleotide, and base pairs.

    Wednesday and Thursday - Make a paper model of a segment of the DNA molecule and be able to describe the components and how the strands are replicated.

    Friday - Solve the Chapter Mystery

December 11-15

Monday - Review for Chapter 12 EXAM

Tuesday - Chapter 12 EXAM

                                        Wednesday - Friday - Benchmark exams to review for Semester Tests                     (all students will participate in the benchmark exams)

December 19 - Semester EXAM for those required to participate (see handbook for details)